Friday, 29 November 2013

Update on Wedding card

Good evening everyone

Well I'm sorry to bore you with my Wedding card again. I finally did it - I removed, albeit very carefully, the flowers on the cake. It sat in my crafting space aka my living room from when I made it. I must've picked it up dozens of times. This afternoon I decided the flowers just weren't right so I decided to peel the top layers off the cake. The flowers were stuck fast so the whole layer had to come off. I was very lucky because they came off quite easily. I then just re-cut another diecut. I don't know if people have seen the Tattered Lace dies but they come in one piece. I now have three of the outer layers of the die because all I used was the cake. I do like this die but to be honest I'm not sure about Tattered Lace dies because they're too bitty. It seems you waste an awful lot of card for the effect. I will probably stick with my good old SB dies methinks!

Anyway have I said in all that rambling I really like the card now. I also added a large pearl embellishment and two black hat pins. 

It has been a strange evening today. It looks like I will soon have a craft room. My 21 year old son has decided to move out with his girlfriend and they have been to look at four apartments with a view to rent this evening. That will be my last baby left the strange that's going to be. 

Anyway that's me all talked out tonight. I'm off. I'll catch up during the weekend....Lea x

p.s. Please feel free to let me know what you think to the newly revamped card.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wedding card

 Hello all

Well I have no idea where the day has gone. I have spent it doing exciting things like looking at insurance instead of crafting! It is a minefield out there!

This is a card I made yesterday. I'm afraid it came out at the other end as one I'm not sure about and that is a bit of a worry as it is for an order. I keep looking at it and wondering whether to redo it. I think it's the flowers on the cake that I'm not sure about but unfortunately I can't remove them as they are stuck fast!!!

I'm wondering if I can remove the cake and replace this space hey...Leax

Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas card

Hi all

I hope this finds you well.

Well no snow people today. This card is for a friends parents. I used some Kanban card for the bottom of the card with some white dotty embossed card on top. I layered this onto white card that has been pierced round the edge. I like this look and use it quite often. I added a sentiment which was written on my PC and then die cut with label SB label 18. I backed this onto silver mirri card. I added silver ribbon, a flower with a pearl and pearl swirls to finish. 

Well I'm off to do a wedding card next. Busy, busy, busy...Lea x

Sunday, 24 November 2013


Hi everyone

Well unfortunately I have been very quiet on here. The horrible fibro has emerged again (if it ever went away). The doctor has signed me off until January. It is very strange to think I won't be trotting off to work until then. As you can see the snow people have appeared again - this image just seems to be very popular with everyone. It's the fourth time I've been asked for it. Well if I keep having to do the same image I'm going to keep changing the colours. Someone on Blogger did ask me where the image came from - the awful thing is I think it was just hanging about out there on the net. I do apologise to whoever did this fab image and when I find out who did I will credit it to them.

For the card I coloured the image with pro markers. I used backing papers from a Christmas paper pack I bought the other day. I stamped and embossed the sentiments. The tree and snowflake are covered in microbeads. The flowers are from my stash. I added some green gems and a little bakers twine on to finish.

Like I say same image but this space because I have decided to use this for my Mum and Dad's Christmas card! Catch you again soon....Leax

Friday, 15 November 2013


Hello all

Hope you've had a constructive day. I've finished a card today that I started a couple of days ago. It is for a friend's Grandson. I used my pro markers to colour the snowman. I used a pale blue check paper for the background. Because this isn't very Christmassy I used micro beads on the second layer. It just gives it a different texture. I added a touch of ribbon and gems to give it a bit of a sparkle. 

No sooner had I finished this than I have an order for another friend who popped in to see me today. No idle fingers for me!!!

Well I have a choice now - do I craft with the football in my ears (most of you know I craft on my lap in the living room) or do I go and read in my bed. Decisions, decisions...speak again soon...Lea x

Thursday, 14 November 2013

What a difference a colour makes!

Hello all

Well you've seen this card before but in a different colour way. I did the original card for an order and was asked to do one the same for a friends granddaughter. This time I went along the pink line with a hint of blue. I'm not really sure which I prefer. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. 

I'm also posting a pic of the other version. 

Well it's just a short post tonight. I'll catch up properly tomorrow hopefully...Lea x

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Good morning
How are you all this wonderful rainy Sunday morning? Well my house smells wonderful. Mr B was up at the crack of dawn to make four more Christmas cakes and the gorgeous smell has filled every corner of my house! Unlike me who had been a lazy madam and have not long woken up (NO, don't look at the clock!). 

My card today is number five of the order I have been working on.


The background is some old stock from Kanban. I backed this onto an olive green mirror card. I wrapped some green ribbon and some lace around the card. Under the poinsettia is an embellishment from an SB die. The little bits left over from the diecut are what I used in the corners of the card. I added a green bow and lots of gorgeous bling and a little holly charm to finish the card off. Fingers crossed the lady that ordered these cards likes them! 

 I have been putting the cards on to my Facebook page and have now, because of that, been asked to do two Christmas cards for a friend's Grandson and Granddaughter. So be prepared to see yet more Christmas creations. 

Well that's me for today. Have a good day...Lea x

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Christmas bauble!

Hi all

Well I'm still on the Christmas cards...they are going on and on and on! This one is still for my order I'm trying to fulfill - I've got  one more to do then I've got a 30th birthday card to do. Talk about busy. However it does help with the pain from the fibro. Where I would be with out my crafting I do not know. I am so grateful for the day I found Create and Craft on the TV - mind you they've got a lot to answer for as it has cost me a lot of money in the last 18 months and my house has crafting bits everywhere!

My card today is a Christmas bauble in black and white. I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do as the colour is very drab for Christmas but the further I got into it the more happy I was with it.

The sentiment was done on the PC and this was cut out with an SB die. I then embossed some black card and cut out the next size SB bauble. I stamp and embossed the background card and backed this onto a black dotty embossed card. I added some checked ribbon and a charm. I finished with some blingy swirls and some gems. Four cards to go...Lea x

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This one is mine!

Hi everyone

Well I have just realised how late it is. The old saying time flies is certainly true. We are up late because Mr B has made four Christmas cakes and one is still in the oven. He has another four to make tomorrow. He is the cake man whilst I'm the card lady. His cakes are superb - I am very fortunate that I am the only one who eats Christmas cake in our  house - more for me!

Well I have put together the card I had been making with Megan. It took a bit of thinking about as it is for a little one.

I coloured the image (I found this image on the net somewhere - I can't remember where. I used some LOTV papers layered onto a gorgeous dark pink mirror card. I hand stamped the sentiment which came from a diesire set by Ctrafters Companion and the 'Granddaughter' came from a Creative Expressions set called Create a scene although I did cheat with this as it only has a daughter in it - I cut up the Granddad stamp so I had the word 'Grand' to add to it. I added ribbon, lace and some die cut snowflakes with some pearl embellishments. I am pretty pleased with it.

Well I'm off to bed now....I'll catch you tomorrow. Goodnight all...Lea x

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Not my work!

Hello everyone

Well I hope this finds you all well. I must confess I can not take credit for this lovely creation. My son's girlfriend Megan has a big interest in crafting and as her crafting Grandmother lives many miles away across the seas I have decided to take her under my wing and be her surrogate crafting Mum. So that being said while the boys sat watching Barcelona play football last night Megan and I sat and crafted. We both coloured a Christmas image to start with using promarker pens. I haven't put my card together yet so I thought Megan's card was so lovely it needed showing to my blogger friends. Megan has a good eye for colour so she coloured her image beautifully (this picture doesn't do it justice). It's lovely to see her get excited choosing what else she wants to do (like deciding which embossing folder to use on the grey or what SB die to use). She finished her card with lots and lots of bling - you can't see it very well but all the screws down both sides of the shed have bling on them as well as the top edge of her card.

It is lovely to have found someone who is interested in my crafting (my own children and parents live 100 miles away) - the boys only give my cards a cursory glance!

Well thats me off for today. Hopefully I'll have something of my own to show tomorrow...until then..Lea x

Not a snowflake in sight!

Hi fellow bloggers

Firstly I'd like to say thank you for your kind comments. It's lovely to know that I might be here at home on my own but there are some wonderful people floating out there in cyberspace. I would especially like to say hi and thanks to Annie who regaled me with a story about dressing up which had me with my sides split with laughing.

Well my card today is one of five I'm making for an order for a friend at work. I still haven't got over worrying that cards I make for others are what people want. I keep my fingers crossed when I hand them over. Anyway if you are very observant you will know I told a very tiny lie about there being no snowflakes. The flowers and bows warranted something to bling them up so I've added some pearl snowflakes to them.

I started by piercing the edge of the card with a piercing ruler.....I like this look a lot and have started adding it to a few of my larger cards. I found a piece of card with poinsettias on and added it to the top of some dotty embossed card. Both of these were in my stash. My sentiment was done on the PC and die cut with an SB die. I cut out another of the same die in a gorgeous red mirror card. I also did the same with the next size die up and mounted them all on top of each other. A bow and bling were added and Bob's your uncle!! 

Well I will stop rabbiting now. I'll see you over on your blogs....Lea x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Hi all

Just a quick afterthought - has anyone out there got an ebosser. I am asking because Mr B has said he would buy me one if I want. At the moment I use a Grand Caliber which is causing me problems because my hands are very painful also with this tremor I have I'm all over the place. 

If they're any good I'm going to take him up on his kind offer. I just thought I would canvass opinion on here. If any friends have one would you please ask them if you haven't got one. 

I await your answers with bated breath..thank you very muchly....Lea x

Monday, 4 November 2013


Hi all

Well I've decided to blog even though I feel like I'm about to nod off. I'm still off work as I'm still not well enough to be in. The doctor has signed me off for two more weeks. Fortunately I can craft be it not at my normal pace. This is a card that I have made over quite a few days. 

I know it's snowflakes again..tomorrow I'm moving onto SB baubles and trees I  think. I've got a few Christmas dies. I really must get them out! Anyway this was just a quickie. I'm off to my bed now. Catch you tomorrow. Have a good night....Lea x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Black, white and gold

Good evening 

Well what more could a girl want - a packet of revels, a can of pop and the X factor all whilst writing my blog? I have to confess I've done very little today. The fibro is quite limiting at the moment so I'm not getting much done in the house without the help of Mr B. And you should see my ironing basket - it has never been at such amazing heights.....EVER! But guess what.... I'm determined  not to stress over it. I did make half a card which is sitting waiting to be completed tomorrow. 

My card today is....drum roll please...yay a Christmas card! It is similar to my grey and white snowflake card with a few changes with the colour and embellishments. 

I had to colour my little snowflake charm with a black pro marker as all the ones in my box were silver. It worked anyway and I used an acrylic dazzler for the centre of the flake. I must admit I prefer this colour version to the other. 

Anyway last but not least I thought you'd like to see my granddaughter Sophie all dressed to scare the neighbours. 

I think she looks pretty scary. Nothing to do with me! 

Anyway I'm off to continue watching the square box. Have a great evening (or day if you're Annie) Lea x

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Friday, 1 November 2013


Hello all

Well I have actually managed to blog two days on the bounce.

I know there are lots of photos for this card. I'm pleased with how the pics turned out as most of you know I find embossing hard to photograph. I decided to do a batch (a whole batch of 4!) of the same card but in different colours. I used an M-embossibility folder for these. I do like these folders as you get two for the price of one when you flip them inside out. I must admit I was suprised at just how quick I could put them together. I just trimmed each one to match then backed them onto different coloured glitter card. I wrapped some bakers twine around the card to compliment the colours I had used and  I then added some little gems where the bow of the baubles were. These were sooo simple. Anyway I'm off to craft now but I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with another, yes you've guessed, a Christmas card....Lea x