Sunday, 30 June 2013

All by myself!

Well good morning all

It is Sunday morning at 8am and here I am on my own already! My hubby scooted off to work at 6 this morning for a stocktake and number three child went off to work about an hour ago leaving me with instructions to record the motor racing this afternoon (although why his finger can't work the record button himself I'll never know). Not that I remember either of them leaving - I have a slight memory of a quick peck on the cheek from my hubby and found a text message on my phone from the son! 

I can not believe it is July already tomorrow! Where on earth is this year going? The one good thing about it going quickly is that it is nearly the school summer holidays and as you will know I love having that time at home. I am lucky enough to have a lovely holiday lined up in Zante where we have some fabulous Greek friends. I can't wait to see them as we missed last year for the first time in 11 years! 

Anyway to my card for today....

It is the other card I made in a hurry a couple of evenings ago. Again I used elements from a card I'd done before. It made sense to as I needed it the next day. As it was for a youngster I wanted girlie colours with a bit of bling. I think you'll agree I got both! 

Well I must get my head into gear and do something with the day. Until tomorrow....Lea x

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Male birthday card

Well hello again on this lovely sunny day.

The sun is shining, the washing is drying outside at last and I have some crafting and blogging time.

 Not much has changed since yesterday evening apart from me completing this card for a friend's dad. It has been sat on my work area as there was just something I wasn't happy about. I couldn't get the sentiment right with the stamps I have. After using my PC for the sentiments on the two cards I'd done the evening before I decided to do the same with this one and hey presto! we're done!!! I used a selection of papers from my stash for my backgrounds. I backed these onto a gorgeous brown mirri card I had and used a Spellbinders label for the sentiment. I then added a car charm, some ribbon and gems to complete the picture. Oh and four identical brown buttons with a brown thread through them. I just think it is so hard to do male cards. As I love all stuff girlie it is against all my instincts to do masculine.

Well that is all from me today as Mr Brawn has popped out to meddle with the car. It gives me time to get some of his anniversary card put together. Catch you again soon...Lea x

Friday, 28 June 2013

A card in a hurry

Hello all

Gosh I feel like I've been AWOL for ages but it's only been a few days. I have been kept very busy catching up on ironing and housework after being poorly last week. Unfortunately the domestic 'fairies' didn't pop in at all. Still never mind it's all done now. I've just had a skip round everyone's blogs to see what I've been missing which as usual has been stunning. You are all such talented people out there.

My card is one I really did do in a hurry - namely last night for a wedding tomorrow! A girl at work was saying she'd seen a card I'd done and she wish she'd realised I did them so she could order a card for her cousin's wedding on Saturday. At first I said it was a bit short notice but she was so complimentary that I decided to go for it for her (I also did a card for her sister for Monday too - that's for another post!). I decided to go with a basic design I'd used before but change it up. The result is this purple and white creation. I must admit I was very happy with it and the girl who ordered it was absolutely chuffed which made it all worthwhile. Hopefully it will lead to more orders coming in.

Anyway I must get on - I have a card I need to finish and to get onto one for my hubby for our anniversary next week. Poor old thing, his card is always the one I am doing at the last moment. Well I will catch you tomorrow no doubt....Lea x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Another big birthday!

Hello everyone

Well I've made it two days on the trot. I actually am feeling a lot better than I have done for weeks so hoping I am on the up. Fibromyalgia although is not life threatening is a horrible condition. Sometimes I do not know what the next day will bring. I could feel as fit as fiddle or I could feel blooming horrible. My Headteacher at work has stopped telling me if I look well because she says she always jinxes me and I go downhill. Anyone who has the condition also will know that people find it difficult to understand coz I could look fantastic on the outside therefore looking well but actually feel awful. Anyway today I feel well....

I have another 'big' birthday card to show you today. A lady at work asked me to do two cards for her. This is the first one completed which is for her Mum. I still have another one to do for her Dad.

As you can see I added lots of little things onto the card. I made it a similar way to the Diamond Wedding card. I wanted the word Mum on it as well as her age. It looked a bit bare at first and that's why I added the flowers and charm. It's a pity the photos seem a little dark. I hope the recipient will be pleased with it when she gets it.

Well I am done yet again for today. I hear a cup of tea calling me. Until next time....Lea x

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Diamond wedding Anniversary

Hello everyone

Well I have returned from my Mother and Father-in-Law's celebration party for their 60th anniversary. It was lovely to see all the family and to spend some time with my own parents and children too. I do miss them all living so far away from me. My MIL and FIL enjoyed it which is the main thing. Of course the card I am posting today is the one I made for them which I didn't want to show the other day because there was the chance my MIL might just pop by.

I started the card by piercing round the whole of the white base layer with a piercing ruler then added a lovely pink patterned paper. I then embossed another piece of white card and used Spellbinders label 20 to make a cutout. I lifted this whole layer by using pads on the back. I stamped my sentiment then backed it onto labels 20 again. I added some lace, ribbon and loads of diamante jewels. I must admit I was really pleased with the result because I just wanted it to be right for them. 

I would like to also show you the cake my lovely talented husband made for them. Over the last couple years or so he has got into making and decorating cakes. He doesn't do many but has made loads of Christmas cakes over the last two years. His Mum asked him to make a cake for her for the party. Well her reaction when seeing it was lovely - she stood and cried! She said she wasn't expecting it to be so beautiful. Well you can see why she was so overwelmed. It also so tasted absolutely lovely. Our daughter has now asked him to make a wedding cake for her next year....three tiers no less! 

Well that is me done. I am now officially shattered so off to bed in a mo....catch you again soon...Lea x

Friday, 21 June 2013

A fait accompli!

Just a quick post today. I thought I would show you the card I did for my son (for his friend). I was very fortunate to have lots of bits and pieces in my Camden Town kit which made my life very easy! My son was very impressed because he popped to the shops for some goodies and by the time he returned it was a fait accompli! I am able to put the card on my blog now because I am pretty sure his friend won't be looking at my blog (it probably isn't 'cool' or something!).

Anyway that is me done for today. I hope you all have a fabulous crafty weekend.....Lea x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Anna in timeout!

Good evening everybody.

Well I still don't feel that brilliant but feel better than I did. I don't know about anyone else but I don't know what I ever did before I crafted. It's been just over a year and I am still smitten. I have ordered some new Christmas dies today so I am looking forward to starting my Christmas cards soon.

My card today is one I just fancied doing. The image really makes me reminds me of my daughter when she was little. She was such a sulky brat and would think nothing of standing in a corner crying. The image is a Mo manning one called 'Anna in timeout'. I added some backing papers that incorporated the colours of the promarkers I had coloured her in with. I put some flowers together and added them with half a doily and a pink border which I punched with a border punch I own. I finished off with some little gems and a sentiment. Even though i do say so myself I think it turned out quite cute.

Well I am going to call it a night now. I need to get to work on an engagement card my son has asked me to do. He needs it for Monday so I'd better get a skiddaddle on.

Catch you tomorrow probably.....Lea x

I would like to enter this card in the following challenge:

http://scrapbookstampsocietychallengeblog - use dots and stripes

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Something a little different for me!

 Hello all

Well what a gorgeous day it's been weatherwise. I hope it's been just as nice where you are. Long may it continue although I'm not going to hold my breath!

My card today is completely different for me. A different shape altogether. I just folded an A4 sheet into a tri-fold card. As a rule I just usually go with an A5 card or my scalloped edged cards. I have no idea what came over me. As you can see it is for my darling Dad whose birthday is in July. He will not see this as he is completely computer illiterate.  I had a digstamp taken from a SWALK CD I own. I coloured it with my promarkers and printed a sentiment using a Craft Studio package on the PC. I stamped the 'knitted' pattern from Inkydoodles in a jade colour and cut into strips. I rounded all the edges with a corner punch and added the strips to my jade card. I cut some strips of brown ribbon and added them down the middle of the panels. I used my Spellbinder die 18 to cut some shapes to mount my image onto and to put on the inside to write my verse onto. A few embellishments added to the corners and I was done. I am actually pretty pleased with the outcome so I could just maybe start being a bit braver with the type of card I make.

Well that's me done for today. Just before I go I'd like to sat thank you for the lovely comments you make when you stop by and thank you to those people who have helped me by suggesting where I can buy sticky pads from. You are all fab....Lea x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A wreck!

Hi everyone

Well I am very late again. Unfortunately I feel a bit of a wreck today. Feeling like I've been hit by a bus would be an understatement. 

I am lazy boning on my bed at the mo watching Ideal World who have just launched Christmas!! As all good crafters know it is that time of year. I started my Christmas cards at this time last year. As a real newbie I was pretty shocked that June was THE month for starting Christmas cards etc and its a good job I did as I was still making them to the bitter end. By the looks of it it looks like this week is Christmas week on C&C. Better set my record button especially as it looks like Spellbinders tomorrow evening! 
Not that I dare buy anything else - I've probably got enough in my stash to make ALL my Christmas cards for this year. 

Talking about my stash can I pick your brains out there. I have always had loads of sticky pads for dimension but am starting to run very low. Everywhere I look in the shops they seem to be eeny weeny ones which are no good to anyone. I like the large ones that I have the option to cut down if I want and I wondered if anyone can recommend a place I can buy them at a reasonable price. Many thanks in advance of your answers. 

As I have been talking about Christmas I thought I would show you some of the ones I did last year. I had just been given my Grand Calibre at the time....can you tell? Lea x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Tea for two?

Hello everyone

Well I am attempting to do this through the 'blogger' app. I have no idea what it will be like. I know when I have done photos before they kept coming out small when clicked on. If its not ok I will have to sort it tomorrow when I boot up the PC. 

My card is made using components from the Crafters Companion Camden Town kit. I added my own little bits like lace, ribbon, flowers and finally some matching bling. It is a pretty card. The photo doesn't do it justice as the colour is actually brighter than it seems. 

Well that is all from me for today. Fingers crossed that this works.....Lea

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tumble Ted

 Hello all out there in Blogland.

 Well I am hoping to be just about back on track. I have no idea where the last week has gone but it has! I have actually had an afternoon of crafting. The card I have posted is just a simple one. It came about by accident. I found the black card with the aperture already cut out from when I made a card before. I just added it onto the sentiment which was already printed out (I said it was an easy one). I then cut out the layers of Tumble Ted which I had printed from a CD a long time ago. I added some ribbon and a black embellishment to the corner and Bob's your uncle!

I have also made a card for my Mother and Father-in-Law who very impressively have been married 60 years next Thursday. I can't post that card yet as my Mother-in-Law may have a little look on my blog. I look forward to showing it to you then.

Well that is me done for tonight...I hope to pop back tomorrow....Lea x

Monday, 10 June 2013

It's been so long....

Oh my word it really has been sooo long (I'm sure there's a song there somewhere, if you're as old as me!). It is good to be back all be it very late! I seem to have got nothing done since I passed my driving test...I have been exploring the world in the car. Why I never learnt to drive a long time ago I'll never know. I love it! The thing is the novelty needs to drop off really soon otherwise my house will be filthy, they'll be no clothes to wear and everyone will have starved to death.

I have settled down tonight to make two father's Day card that I need to get in the post. I need to get my act together as I have a Diamond Wedding card to make (my hubby's parents have been married 60 years next week) and I have a couple of commissions to get done. It's such a hard job having to craft....not!

These two cards started out to be the same design but with different papers. They sort of ended up slightly different in the end which isn't such a bad thing. I kept them very simple. I stamped the sentiment straight onto the card blank ( wow, I'm getting brave), then just backed the papers onto a brown card, added some bakers twine and embellishments and that was it. I stamped 'Dad' onto a couple of labels. I coloured the  letters on the first one I did but decided not to on the next one. I must admit I do have a preference for one particular card but I'm not letting on which one. I will wait to see what you think....Lea x

I would like to enter this card into: http://craftyourpassionchallenges - fathers-daymasculine

Monday, 3 June 2013


Hello fellow bloggers

Well I feel I have been out of the loop as I have missed a whole week blogging and crafting. I have been working and swotting away for my driving test which was today. I am ecstatic to say I passed! Not bad for an old girl of 52 who said she would never learn. Now I can get back to the important job of crafting!
Catch you again very soon....Lea x